Special concert !

Vendredi 7 décembre 2018 - 20h - Cinéma Madiana, Schoelcher (972)
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Special concert !

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Annick Ozier-Lafontaine : Martinique, magical island

Martinique, Magic Island is an original musical show in four acts. An invitation to travel and discover. The project".

The concept is innovative and original, allowing the encounter between music and image, contemporary sounds and Martinican nature, musical notes and aerial videos (drone).

"This show is a marriage between image and music; a way to illustrate instead of words the wonders that the painter of this world has left us. It is an emotional production that aims to raise awareness so that the viewer is filled with these magnificent images - produced by EFB Com&Tech Production - and the music that accompanies them, so that they can make a gesture in turn for our environment. Putting Martinique to music was a major challenge. Giving everything to the image sublimated the project".

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